Paul Jones


Frustrated runner.
Working harder, stronger, faster.
However, picking up niggles and injuries along the way isn’t helping! So simply enjoying the runs & trails when I can.
Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Next Run Event

I had targeted to run again in the Ribble Way (Trail) Run in September, it only started in 2017 and so far I've run in both. In 2019 it was set the same weekend as the local airshow so there was a chance to see glimpses of air displays to distract during the run. But, a hip and Achilles injury spoilt that plan.

I had also had an eye in participating in one of the five Hell of a Hill Marathons - a series of daily marathons for 5 days, looping a trail course ascending Rivington Pike five times! But, training has gone out the window with injury since mid-Summer.

I now hope for recovery and then training to participate in Manchester Marathon in 2020 and hopefully a few more. Bolton Marathon has now also confirmed it's date as being 17th May 2020. As it's my home town Marathon, last run in the '80s, I plan on participating in that too. If they both go to plan, I'll finish the year with a go at one of the Hell of a Hill runs in November.

Greater Manchester Marathon.
Sunday 5th April 2020

    Previous Run Events

    • 7th April 2019 - Rivington Trail 10 Mile. 1:28:21

    • 24th March 2019 - To the Pike and Back HM. 1:49:59

    • 24th February 2019 - Lostock 6 mile. 41:42

    • 14th October 2018 - Manchester HM. 1:47:45 * picked up injury at 13km

    • 9th September 2018 - Ribble Way Run (Trail) HM. 1:55:27

    • 1st September 2018 - Lakeland Trails 15km @ Kewsick. 1:36:56

    • 8th April 2018 - Rivington Trail 10 Mile.1:36:24

    • 25th February 2018 - Lostock 6 mile. 44:14

    • 15th October 2017 - Manchester HM. 1:45:21

    • 10th September 2017 - Ribble Way Run (Trail) HM.1:58:26

    • 4th Septembere 2016 - Bolton Community Half Marathon.1:51:36